AHC Labels

Architectural Home Collection understands that we can hire the best photographers in the world, along with the best spin artists, to make you believe that all pictures and stories on furniture can be shown on a website. You as a customer will never know the true quality of the piece that you are bringing into your home. AHC created the AHC Labels in order to assist you in your understanding of the different quality levels, various construction methods, and the raw materials used in each piece to be able to differentiate between value and quality. There is a certain level that products have which is created by construction methods, raw materials, artistic capabilities, or machine made.

AHC strives to give you the best value for the product within the boundaries of production or the making of each piece.

Under the AHC Labels, you can be assured that each level will guarantee the quality and value of all the items under each label.


The best quality we can find for your home, and it shows.


Good quality with prime value.


Quality and value for your apartment needs.


Everyone's 'go to' when needing to starting fresh.